The Read, 170x100cm, oil on linen, 2019
Emily’s Beads, 100x130cm, oil on canvas
Secret Teachings, 150x130c, oil on canvas, 2018
„Swim“, 30x40cm, oil on canvas, Bite Vilnius AiR, 2018
Hard Water, 90x110cm, oil on canvas
New Forest mural painting in Karkle, Klaipeda County.
Created in a form of performative painting as a part of @karklefest .
The motive position is perfectly fitted to the location and direction of the sun,- tree shadows fall North in the midday sun.
Snake, 90 x60 cm, oil on canvas, 2019
King’s Well Forest, 110x100cm, oil on canvas, 2017
Out, 175x137cm, oil on canvas, 2018
Lena Decides, 150x120cm, oil on linen, 2018
Pagan Backyard, 30x20cm, oil and wax on linen, 2018
I Put A Book On Top Of My Knees And Realize I Don’t Know Anything So I Throw It Away And Start Listening To My Breath, 180x150cm, oil on canvas, 2017
Shamisen, 160x130cm, oil on canvas, 2017, private collection

October 9th, 180x115cm, oil on canvas, 2017 collection of the Museum of Vilnius Academy of Arts
Emily, 200x109cm, oil on canvas, 2017
Park, 20x30cm, oil and ink on canvas, 2017
Bambi Portrait, 70x80cm, oil on canvas, 2017

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