Supermarket 2019, April 4 – 7, Stockholm

‘Archive Sitting’ was performed by Rūta Matulevičiūtė during Supermarket 2019 Stockholm Independent Art Fair[1], as a part of BiteVilnius[2], a project by Marija Griniuk

BiteVilnius Archive Librarian interaction as Active Sitting. (Closed eyes) observation of the environment and communication with readers in a silent performance. The Librarian is an observing object who is being observed; most likely in a meditative state or trying to reach it, the Archive Readers then can decide how they should respond to this form of communication, they are free to join meditation, to observe the Librarian, to enjoy the Archive while being observed, ever feeling the presence of the Actively Sitting Librarian.

Archive Sitting was performed four days in a row, each day for an hour.