MFA Exhibition, Titanikas, Vilnius 2019

exhibition space, figurative paintings in an exhibition hall. woman holding a plant. reading woman
Ruta Matuleviciute, Sunrise Process, 2019 MFA graduation show @ VDA Titanikas
The project of the Masters years reflects the search of fundamental life principles, intuitive path of growth of mind and creation.

This process is packed with symbols, that appear paintings, social environment picturing, this is because many paintings are inspired by people that are or at that time were close to me, also nature visuals and various visions intertwined. Painting, which here becomes an interdisciplinary technique too, rises to a new plane, therefore the process of creation is very important. It is collecting of motives, the research of environment, questioning particular aspects of theory, philosophy, culture etc. Such method of creation connects various medias and the painting itself become the product of media synergy, the same as we ourselves have become cyborgs by having the perpetual approach to physical and intellectual human extensions. The total installation of paintings creates a space for spectators‘ projections, identifying with artworks, observation of the fragments of illusory magical or very real immanent world  playing with one another.

Chinese Book of Changes is the base for all Ancient Chinese philosophy, the legacy of ancient wisdom, used as a game or being taken seriously in contemporary world. This system is one of many purified approaches meant for collecting information by observing the world. The principle of synchronicity, which this system is based on, proclaims the human being a microcosm – tiny gleam of the whole Universe, in which all infinity processes reflect. I became interested in this topic because of of the fact that while conptemplating daily events, be it fallen cup on the floor, bad mood and arguments with friends, or new Donald Trump‘s speach about the evil forces, new galactic projects, or fifth generation internet conspiracy theory, – everywhere I spot the recurring laws, which I also see appearing in my own mind or the growth of plants in the springtime.

It is ambitious to speak about the God or divine human nature. Sunrise Process artworks collection is a tiny fragment of unveiling the mystery of human being mechanics. This fragment in the future is going to be divided in smaller segments for the sake of more definable research fields.