Presented in Elska Coffee, 2019 Vilnius

Series with the sincere meme-ish humor.

Tricksters of the Garden of Eden is a series of paintings, which appeared very suddenly and almost unintentionally. Some time ago, while I was searching for the Great Truth and Meaning, I met The Joker on my way, who put some shame on me for taking such a task. He circled around wearing silly sneakers and playing with lots of orange basketballs. I am not interested in basketball, therefore there could be nothing less meaningful to show to me. Fans, forgive me, instead of the word ‘basketball‘ imagine something like ‘make-up‘ or ‘ecological toothpaste‘.

This first part of the series consists of paintings picturing animal portraits. Animals are living careless days in the Eden Garden, enjoying the perfect bliss. Light paintings are created while thinking about the Joker archetype, who is constantly reminded of carelessness and the infinite game of life. Joker is making tricks and reminding about the triviality of all when the great immanent problem is placed in the context of the Divine.