Pre-preface of my Master’s Thesis


You can find me on Instagram by the name @raganos . This profile name with icon of sun above the horizon in section “About“ creates first impression about me and what I focus to in artistic practice. Such is one-word-definition of my creation concept on this marvellous social platform broadening the reach of whatever interest group. The term “raganos“ (en. Witches or Of/By the Witch) is very handy due to vast history behind it. Beginning with Baltic women of the knowledge, demonised and mystified by Christianity, always related with devilish mischiefs and burned for having a mole on arm, the contemporary Romanian witches, who get 500€  through Western Union system for single blessing or curse seance and do not pay taxes, as the the government tried to put taxes on witches‘ activities  they threatened to “put the politicians into wheelchairs“[1]

To begin a text with such vast term as “witches“ and the Instagram is probably the most accurate thing to do, when speaking about my own and contemporary young artist‘s/human‘s field in general. I grew up calling a green telephone with spiral cabel to my imaginary friend Bob (later I started thinking that is can be related to semi-fresh “Twin Peaks“ series at that time (‘90s xoxo) that my parents were watching), just after learned how to read  I ceased to play outside and therefore did not learn to speak Russian, but dived into fantasy worlds and art, graduated from music school twice and nonstop played MMORPG, that are all based on the example of  “The Lord of the Rings“ where a hero is travelling in a space of mythical time, goes on quests meant for them and kills dragons along with other embodiments of the Shadow, in Jungian terminology, all of this for the sake of the worldly salvation.

In the summer while vising my grandmother in Alytus town (which is of the exact same population as Twin Peaks and Lynch is the same Myers Briggs type as myself – INFP) in the bottom of wardrobe I found “Laima“ magazine – one of those forbidden ones, (then I was so little that even teenage magazine “Luka“ publishing articles about periods seemed indecent) and in between it‘s middle pages I found a fabulous treasure – Lenormand tarot cards that I cut out in hiding and use up to present day. Later, when I found crystals, when read one of the books by Lithuanian astrominerologist and anthropotheosofist Audronė Ilgevičienė books for crystal children[2] . Later on thanks to Japanese pop culture, I discovered the philosophical legacy of the Far East, which made incurable impact to my thinking. So one can say that popculture and to magazine gloss polished, hollow on the inside old base traditions shells of the philosophies brought me to the need to know them in their true authentic form.

Such POP is exactly what atm, each second, is distracting our minds, flashing in smartphone‘s screens, ads, movies and shiny press. Sometimes, because of the lack of concentration, with the help of Google I almost diagnose myself with the ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), as in teenage years I had very reasonably diagnosed myself with Social Anxiety, while my friend, due to too many fallen hairs per day had diagnosed herself with an unknown form of cancer. Later on with the help of same Google I found out that for the ADHD symptom repression is prescribed medicine which is made on the base of amphetamine, given by the medics to every second kid in USA. By the way, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.

But this POP, after all is the daily environment, the ground which fits in not only gossip about Cardi B again getting together with her husband and daughter father Offset, who was sleeping around uncounted amount of times, but all kinds of other useful things and come in handy as a powerful business tool.
The author of “Homo Deus“ Yuval Harari writes about information filtering in this infinity of junk and good. So, go to my instagram account page and press the Follow button.

I was not interested in painting until Academy at all and was led to it by a powerful feeling which I did not recognize at the time and didn‘t know about it‘s existence, but by which, ever growing I am operating now and about which I started speaking so much that from unconsciously applied method it became my object of research. /…/

[1] Casting Curses and Love Spells with the Most Powerful Witches in Romania

[2] Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children