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Ruta Matuleviciute is a Lithuanian artist.

Lithuania is a small country by the Baltic sea.

Our vast mythology is rooted in the Indoeuropean tradition.

Lithuania was the last country in Europe to keep its ancient Baltic religion.

This makes our lore still alive up to this day.

In her practice, Ruta Matuleviciute always looks for an ever more fundamental and holistic approach.

The more subtle levels of reality, the more merged and unified everything becomes.

This is why surrealism and magical realism is most prominent in her work.

Most importantly, her method is consciousness-based art

which focuses on self-development,

experience of the sublime of life

in the transcendental field of consciousness

and the expression of that sublime in art.

Current exhibitions

Gyvulių ūkis • Animal Farm
Solo Exhibition
2023 03 06 – 2023 03 31
Didysis deguonies susidarymo įvykis
The Great Oxygenation Event
2023 02 28 – 2023 03 26

Past Exibitions


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15% of all proceeds go to support Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s programme for world peace.

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